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    I'm T.Yuting, 15. I laugh practically at everything, tear when im sad but i love suprises. Mummy, Regina, Barney, Nimmy, Tania, Martin, Home, Books, Movies, Doraemon, Floorball, ACC, Banana's' is something i cant live without.
    Sunday, October 03, 2010 @ 10:14 PM
    Title: Moved.

    Well, I've moved . But this blog remains (:
    Because i will still read it and keep it as memories.

    New link: (Can choose to relink)

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    Saturday, September 18, 2010 @ 11:10 PM
    Title: MUG MUG MUG !

    EOY is around the corner, and i guess i would hardly post .
    i guess i will only post when necessary . Because, i need to MUG MUG MUG!! Maybe the next post will be on my mother's birthday , then i would only be back to post right after exams. Lack of updates, ): Shall post a little about the week , including today ^^

    Monday and tuesday , everything seems to go well. Not too bad , did chinese test for both days. And ended school quite late which is like 4. Straight away after school, went home to complete homeworks and study alittle of physics and Chemistry since chemistry test is on wednesday and physics test is on thursday.

    On wednesday, did our chemistry test and i think i feel so despondent about it.
    Like totally ~ GONE-CASE. Sucker ): Ruin my day actually ):
    But after school, i went home with Ihsan and Nimmy . H2h till a bus stop then 145 home , to get change. After preparing, i slowly make my way down to lengkee CC. Waited at the bus stop for awhile before Karney and Weixiang came. Went in the CC with them and caught up with the company.

    So, mainly, im frigging stuck to Physics assessment book and guide books. At the same time, i was entertained by them as well. Quite funny though ^^ So, they stopped playing at about 8 due to CC's programme. Walked to 7-11 , then we part our ways as soon as we reached Redhill market. Went Redhill market with Karney, Gary, Tommy and Ryan. Slacked awhile before i took 145 back home.

    Had a physic test as far as i could remember. Wasnt that bad and i guess i could still make it to pass but was delayed for quite sometime in Mrs Chang's class. After school, went canteen meet Nimmy and Andre first before going for Debate class. For the day, we had selections for the debate's face off. And is really tiring because we were dismissed super late and is really tiring. I reached home like 6plus ): Started homeworks so late and is in pile. Finish doing in the night , nearly 11 D;

    Lessons passed really fast since is a short day. Got our exams timetable and i like the timings !! (Y) HAHA, after school, went canteen and studied with Jasmine and Henny. Novelia and Vinny came after that. Did till 2plus, Vinny and i went for debate again . At AVA to gather before we go seperate classes ^^ Helped the people for debate and the face off started right after an hour. ^^ Kinda cool cause is rather intense.

    Overall , we lost x.x ! After debate, went off with Nimmy. Reached home , super late and i finish all my homeworks on that night !! Super happy since i can focus on revision for both saturday and Sunday ! (Y).

    Today, morning, i was dragged out for breakfast and im like zombie. After eating, went to buy stuffs before heading home. Watched Doraemon (Y), packed my bag and started to prepare at about 12. Finish preparing and i walked over to Tiong . Reached there at 12.45 , Yilin and HuaiBoon were over there. So, went KFC and they ate before going Subway to study. Started studying at 1plus .

    Did Amaths and history alittle. While doing, Karney, Yaohui and Gary also came. Very suprised ~ OMFG. But i only managed to caught up with them at 4plus since Yilin have to go soon. 4 of us walked about before accompany Yaohui to membina and i left soon after. Went home, rest and started studying again ~ Brain bursting soon . D;

    Shall end the post right nao ~

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    Sunday, September 12, 2010 @ 8:45 PM
    Title: Have you ever,

    Im here to post while doing chemistry , omfggg. Okay, yesterday i slept for the whole afternoon when im really bored and tired since i've studying in the morning. So, i woke up about 4plus and rushed to Tiong to meet Regina. Started studying at Subway right away. I finished studying Physics earlier than i expected so , in the end, i read up . Stopped studying at about 7 or so and went to walk around. Regina and i talked all the way and both of us got similar slippers, as usual ^^ . Sat down at KFC after that and talked for hours. 10plus, we both part our ways. ^^ Went home, i continue to study ~ Oh god.

    I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense. - Harold Kushner

    As for today, i studied for the entire day and watched videos as well. I did both E-maths , Physics and currently Chemistry ~ I cant believe today is the last day of holiday and tomorrow school reopens. & 3 weeks later, is EOY. This year seems to pass really fast. Omfg. Well, MUG MUG MUG ! Now, i shall go back and read Chemistry and video ~ Muahahah, bye people.

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    Saturday, September 11, 2010 @ 1:15 PM
    Title: Mugging time.

    On the Thursday, i went out about 5 but i have to wait for Martin, Luke and Kayan. Meanwhile, i walked about and i bumped to Andrea and Felicia (: They pasted the things on me and left. LMAO. Super funny thing though x.x After awhile, 3 of them reached and we went up to cinema. Wanted to get tickets but in the end we left for other places.

    Accompanied them to see basketball stuffs followed by Ion where Kayan wanted to get her stuffs. After which, took bus down to Plaza Sing. ^^ Martin and i went to get my bag whereas Kayan and Luke went to get movie tickets. Caught up outside GV and went basement since 3 of them wanted to take dinner. LOL, Kinda fun talking there ^^ After that, Went outside to talk then went up arcade. They played basketball there ^^

    Time passed quite fast and is time for movie. 9plus movie and ended around 11. Kayan is in a rush so both of us took cab while the guys cab back as well. Reached home about 11plus and did a little revision after that ^^.


    Stayed at home and rotted on skype with Karney. Talked and studied before i went to prepare. Start to prepared at about 4plus and i finished preparing at 5plus , 6. Slowly, i make my way down to GreatWorld City. Karney and Gary came first followed by Tommy , Jonathan then Ryan. All of us were deciding what show to watch and sadfully, Gary and i were not 16 yet.

    So, we stayed outside GV for an hour just to decide. In the end, we decided to bus down to Tiong. Caught Stepup and the show started before we went in. But overall the show was still great. After movie, all of us went Membina court . Some of them ate while Karney, Ryan and i went to basketball court area. Bumped to Jianwen, Ivan and Garbriel as well. 12am or so, the guys finish eating.

    Karney, Ryan and Gary sent me back home. Thanks so much ^^

    As for today, im meet regins later on to study ^^. Time to mug :P
    Recently, I've been studying really less ):

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